A Better Way to Do Executive Search

“Making executive search a core competency for the times you need it without paying for it when you don’t.

The Idea Pathway Difference

  • Comprehensive due diligence before sourcing candidates
  • Limited Number of Searches Conducted Only by Expert Partner
  • Rapid Presentation of Game Changing Candidates
  • Concierge Service from Sourcing to On-Boarding
  • Bundled Services and Flexible Options
  • Guaranteed Search

A Guaranteed Way to Deliver Dynamic Candidates to Leadership Positions!

Dr. Wallace Pond, founding partner of the Education Search practice at Top Gun Ventures, now specializes in executive and senior leadership search for higher education, K-12, education service companies, and professional organizations for Idea Pathway. Wallace brings 30 plus years of experience across all sectors of education, domestically and internationally, including 20 years in senior leadership roles to the executive search field. See Dr. Pond’s LinkedIn profile here.

You Can No Longer Afford Traditional, Status Quo Search

Higher Education and related organizations are in the midst of the greatest challenges faced since WWII, having suffered ten consecutive years of enrollment declines, resulting in significant downsizing, mergers, and over 1,300 closures in the last ten years–and that was before the COVID-19 crisis! While there are multiple strategies to address the external factors negatively affecting institutions of higher education (IHEs), the most critical element for ensuring that colleges and partner organizations survive and thrive through the current contraction is the quality of their leadership. Status quo is simply no longer viable. Educational institutions and their service partners must have Game Changing leaders which requires a very different model.

Powerful executive search in education fields today is not simply about filling leadership vacancies. It is about effectively addressing an existential crisis by providing educational institutions and related organizations the kinds of leaders they need to survive, thrive, and build sustainable futures for all stakeholders.

We work with you extensively on the front end to carefully assess exactly the leadership you need, then source candidates based on a custom profile for your institution or organization. Unlike traditional firms, we dedicate many hours of analysis per candidate, including the use of validated assessments, to ensure a powerful match, before presenting anyone to you.

Contact us here or reach out to Dr. Pond directly at wkp@ideapathway.com  or 719-247-0486.

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