High Impact Interventions to Survive and Thrive the Current Higher Education Storm

Want to quickly improve your institution’s effectiveness in the face of unprecedented change, challenges, and competition?

Based on my work, both as a higher education leader and as a consultant with a broad cross section of higher education stakeholders, I have identified the highest value, “game changing” activities that institutions can invest in to immediately improve both their operational effectiveness and competitiveness. These enterprise level activities range from half a day to up to two full days of senior management commitment, but the ROI is substantial, if not critical to future success, sustainability, and even survivability. Many institutions of higher education will not survive the current contraction, joining the more than 2,000 campuses that have closed since 2010. A key component of surviving and thriving is how quickly you implement game changing improvement strategies!

The highest impact models include:

  • Strategic Planning for Growth and Sustainability
  • Action Plan for Surviving and Thriving the Higher Education Contraction
  • Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Industry Partnerships
  • Organizational Health and Culture (Empowering entrepreneurialism and teamwork)
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Communications
  • Active P&L Management
  • New Program Development/Product Strategy
  • Institutional Advancement (Fund Raising)

All of the above models will support greater operational effectiveness and outcomes in virtually any institutional context. However, some organizations are better positioned culturally than others to leverage the greatest benefits.

WallaceKPond.com can work with any organization to improve strategic, operational, and cultural effectiveness, while moving the organization itself to a position of greater strength and sustainability. Contact us at wkp@wallacekpond.com or 719-247-0486 to arrange a quick, free assessment of how we can build game changing solutions to your most pressing challenges.