Human Capital Development: Making People the Most Powerful Asset in Your Organization

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The Criticality of Human Capital in Organizations

We can always improve a process or a tool or a technology. We can tweak automation and cost. But when all is said and done, people (human capital) make or break organizations. In fact, according to the Gallup organization, tangible assets have dropped in S&P market value from 68% in 1985 to an average of 13% today. Why is this? The short answer is that what used to be material competitive advantages such as fiscal capital or technology or real estate have become commodities that can easily be adopted and replicated, or that simply no longer matter. An organization’s human capital, on the other hand, can either be an unassailable competitive advantage or an Achille’s heal that mitigates against other potential advantages.

The Value Proposition

In most organizations, HR provides primarily transactional functions, and even in cases where an HR department is able to provide a value-added contribution, that is typically only in one area. Human Capital Partners, on the other hand, is a strategic business partner focused on the highest value contributions to human capital development. Critical activities such as executive search, coaching, and crisis management, require expert level core competency, but they are episodic, such that it is not financially viable for all but the largest scale organizations to build and sustain those internal capabilities.  HCP provides world class expertise and value without the long-term capital investment and overhead. HCP is also able to bundle services creating even greater value and flexibility.

Working with Idea Pathway and Human Capital Partners

The partners and functional area experts at HCD have centuries of experience in human resources, executive leadership and functional areas across highly diverse organizational contexts. We see and take a comprehensive, holistic, and integrated approach to developing human capital. Even when providing “a la carte” services, we do so in the context of how those services relate to other areas of HCD, strategy, ROI, etc. To chat with us about how we can help you develop a game changing organizational asset and unassailable competitive advantage, click here and we’ll set up an appointment. Also, feel free to email or call us at 719-344-8195.

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