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WEP was founded by Dr. Michael Bills and Dr. Wallace Pond in response to an existential crisis in higher education.

Mike and Wallace could no longer stand by and watch institutions struggle—and even fail—due to the inability of boards to deliver leadership and vision through dynamic trusteeship, when viable solutions and best practices for today’s reality are readily available.

From their shared vantage point as board trustees, their CEO and entrepreneur roles in education, and the private sector, and their thought leadership as authors and researchers in higher education, they are ready to help the institutions truly looking to change.

“For boards that recognize the sacred charge of their trusteeship and are therefore willing to have difficult, sometimes painful discussions… and maybe most importantly, are willing to embrace the risk that might be necessary to trade status quo for relevancy, there is not only a path to survival but to a sustainable, audacious future.”

Partners Who Care

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Mike Bills, a successful entrepreneur and long-standing college trustee, co-founded Wasatch Education Partners with the goal of ensuring that college boards are part of the solution rather than the problem for institutions that are struggling through very complex and difficult times.

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Wallace Pond, a thirty plus year educator, author, executive, and entrepreneur, has worked in both K-12 and higher education, on campus and online, domestically and internationally in the roles of chief academic officer, COO, chancellor, president, CEO, and board trustee. He co-founded Wasatch Education Partners to ensure that college boards and executive teams are getting the critical, relevant support they need to succeed in today’s volatile, hyper change reality.

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