Workshops and Presentations

Dr. Pond has delivered workshops, presentations, and keynote addresses in dozens of settings, nationally and internationally.

His most popular topics include:

  • The Impact of Technology on Relationships and Organizations
  • Cultural Intelligence for Successful Leadership
  • Surviving and Thriving in a VUCA World
  • Operating in International Environments
  • The Key Role of Organizational Culture for Success
  • Strategic Leadership for a VUCA World
  • Keys to Success for Sr. Managers and Leaders
  • The Future of Higher Education (and Surviving Higher Ed Contraction)
  • Effective Strategic Planning
  • Managing Change When Everything is Changing
  • The Value of Healthy Organizations and Effective Teams
  • Pedagogical Excellence
  • Online Education

To enquire about availability for your meeting, organization, or conference, you can contact Dr. Pond here or send an email to He can also be reached by phone at 719-247-0486.