Essential Resources for Mentors and Coaches

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

By Julie Morris

Have you recently become a mentor to someone who needs your guidance? Maybe you’re working with children, or perhaps you’re mentoring adults for professional development. Either way, you want to become the best mentor or coach you can be. These resources are packed with tips on being a great mentor to people of all ages.

Mentoring Adolescents

Teaching or coaching adolescents can be challenging, yet rewarding! Here’s how to make the most of your time with your mentees or students.

  • Encourage the young people you work with to flex their creative muscles and use their imaginations.
  • Talk to your students about their futures to help them set goals.
  • Want to connect with more young people who might need your help? Consider volunteering with organizations that develop youth leaders.

Working With Adults

You might be coaching adults in the workplace or in their personal lives. If so, these resources will help you serve as an effective mentor.

  • When mentoring adults, hone in on teaching these key leadership principles.
  • Visit for resources on key leadership challenges.
  • If you’re mentoring employees whom you manage, apply these tips to prompt them to challenge themselves and go out of their comfort zones.
  • This guide illustrates how to prioritize accountability with your mentee to make sure they’re focused on progressing.

Being a Good Role Model

No matter where you coach or mentor others, being the best version of yourself can inspire them to focus on personal development.

  • Become a role model in the workplace and inspire your team with your example.
  • When mentoring children, it’s important to demonstrate the behavior you want them to follow with your own actions.
  • Are you mentoring students in a school setting? These strategies will help you model behaviors that you would want them to imitate.
  • Dedicating yourself to the pursuit of your own goals, like investing in higher education, can motivate others.

Becoming a mentor can be extremely fulfilling. However, it’s as much of a learning experience for you as it is for your mentee! With these resources, you’ll be prepared to guide your mentee through obstacles.