Management-Leadership Links and Resources

Management and Leadership comprise a very large discipline and it’s probably impossible to access even a fraction of what’s available. However, the really good stuff–what really matters–is a much smaller world. Below you’ll find links to resources that I’ve found of value. In general, I prefer applicable, user-friendly stuff, although we’ll occasionally link to hard research as well.

My New Leadership Book

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If you’re ready to think very differently about leadership, then this book is for you. Leadership in the Real World has its roots in emails that I have sent to my senior leadership teams. I began those communications in 2005 with the subject line: What I’ve Learned as a Manager, and have continued sharing my insights from hard won, real-time lessons through to the present day.

Organizational Health/Organizational Development

Patrick Lencioni is the author of what may be one of the best, most “usable” models for team efficacy in organizations every devised. He refers to the model as The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, which is also a very readable book.


Marcia B. Riley is a very experienced OD and leadership development expert who has consulted for dozens of organizations and worked as a senior HR executive in several large organizations. Lots of folks consult in the field, but few are as professional, thoughtful, and effective as she is. Some of her services include:

● Executive Assessments
● 360 Feedback
● 9-Box Talent Review
● Executive Coaching
● Executive Leadership Development
● Change Leadership
● Performance Management
● Culture Change That Impacts Bottom Line
● Design & Launch Leadership Academy

Strategic Planning and Execution

Strategic planning is actually simpler than we are generally led to believe. However, if done right, it requires a group commitment to time and follow through. You can find more information and a planning model here.

Workshops and Presentations

  • The Impact of Technology on Relationships and Organizations
  • The Key Role of Organizational Culture for Organizational Success
  • Keys to Success for Sr. Managers and Leaders
  • The Future of Higher Education
  • Effective Strategic Planning
  • Managing Change When Everything is Changing
  • The Value of Healthy Organizations and Effective Teams
  • Online Education

Consulting Support for Higher Education

Consulting services specializing in private sector higher education. Santoro and Georgetti and their team have many decades of experience across a broad range of higher education operations, with particular expertise in regulatory affairs and accreditation.

Links to Worthwhile Articles

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