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Click here for the keynote presentation delivered on August 23, 2019 at the CSPEN conference in Chicago.

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Accenture Covid Higher Ed Report 10-2020: How COVID Will Change Higher Education

Below you’ll find links to selected websites, publications, and resources. Education is a really big world, but we’ll find things we think of our interest and highlight them here.

“Alternative” Education

For those with a sense of adventure, Blake Boles is an author and entrepreneur who finds creative ways to empower young people with real-world experiences.

Under the Same Sky is a print magazine (no digital version!) published by “unschoolers,” and whose literary and artistic content are submitted mostly by young, homeschooled and unschooled youth and professionals with an alternative bent.

Not Back to School Camp is an organization founded by Grace Llewellyn, an author and educator-activist. Her book, Teenage Liberation Handbook, is a classic in the field of “alternative” education.

Learning Theory

One of the trickier questions in education is simply, What is learning? Although most of us know intuitively when we have learned something, it’s actually fairly difficult to document empirically. For a deeper look into the question, see Chapter Two of The Lights Are On, Is Anybody Home? Education in America. To learn more about assessment or how we know what we know, have a look here.

New research suggests that bilingualism and, by extension, bilingual education, produces some potentially compelling neurological benefits. Specifically, this recent research found improvements compared to control groups with attention, empathy, literacy skills, and learner engagement and even protection against cognitive decline.

Teacher/Faculty Support

For those teaching in higher education, the Chronicle of Higher Education provides a resource called Pedagogy Unbound that includes a combination of thoughts on what it means to be a teacher combined with some tools for improving practice in the classroom. It’s typically pretty user-friendly stuff and worth a look.

Consulting Support for Higher Education

Consulting services specializing in private sector higher education. Santoro and Georgetti and their team have many decades of experience across a broad range of higher education operations, with particular expertise in regulatory affairs and accreditation.

Online Learning

Online learning has evolved from something on the fringe of education to, in some cases, the mainstream delivery method in certain disciplines. For example, the majority of non-clinical master’s degree content in the U.S. is now delivered via the internet. In fact, online programs have become so pervasive that one of the biggest challenges for students today is simply evaluating the options. Fortunately, there are also online tools for assisting students who are evaluating their options. The Center for Online Learning is an example. It is a clearinghouse of sorts that has done much of the behind the scenes work for you.


Accreditation White Paper: The Impending Crisis for ACICS Accredited Institutions