Institutional Assessment Request

Do you know how well your educational organization is positioned to survive and thrive? We do!

A silver lining of the pandemic is that is has further clarified and confirmed what is working in post-secondary institutions that are weathering the storm and even thriving vs. those that have struggled or, in some cases, failed. There is no mystery or secret process. We know what the characteristics, traits, competencies, strategies, cultural values and other key components of successful schools are and we are able to evaluate your institution against those criteria. In fact, as a project to refine our evaluation, we are able to conduct such an assessment at zero cost for a limited number of post-secondary institutions as part of the calibration exercise. The results will be shared individually with each institution, but will otherwise remain confidential. There is no obligation of any kind after the assessment is conducted and we will even provide a pro-bono discussion of the results! If you have interest, please please fill out the Institutional Assessment Request form below. We’ll reply to everyone who provides information, even if we’ve reached the maximum number of institutions for the project.