What I’ve Learned as a New Professional Counselor

Image Credit: Kassandra Estrada

The article linked below is from the October, 2023 edition of Counseling Today, and reflects some of my key takeaways from both my graduate counseling program and the first 1,000 hours or so of my counseling experience. The path to becoming a psychotherapist included my own mental health journey, resulting in me becoming what we often refer to in the field as a “wounded healer.”

“About a year into my healing journey, I started to think seriously about becoming a counselor. This career choice was not something I had considered before, but after I found myself in need of and benefiting from psychotherapy, I wanted to help others who found themselves in similar situations. “

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned as a New Professional Counselor

  1. Thank you for your essay. I graduated with a Masters in Counseling degree at age 50, one day after my oldest daughter graduated with her undergrad from the same university. I appreciate and resonate with all or the points in this article. I taught third grade out of college for three years. Then after raising a family and divorcing, I knew I wanted, and needed a new career. Counseling has been the perfect fit.

  2. Insightful for those considering a career in counseling, the blog post draws on the author’s own experiences. Aspiring and professional counselors will find this post relatable and informative because of the inclusion of real-world examples and practical guidance.

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